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Artists Statement:  
Last week I finally finished my film editing studies at the Austrian film school in Vienna. Next to my studies I am earning my living as a film editor for fiction films, music videos and documentaries. Until now most of these documentaries were related to some political issue – minorities in Austria, terrorism in Austria and Germany (the time of the Red Army Fraction in the 1960s and 70s), National Sozialism and its impact on today’s society,.....  

On the other hand I am realizing installations for museums and experimental films.
In these films topics range from the

- analysis about the embodiment of Adolf Hitler in various fiction films and animation films
- to call attention about the building spree and ist greed for profit
- to make appraisals/hommages to various film makers
- working with found footage
– found in trash bins or in flea markets
- keeping a super8 film dairy – Mainly when I am travelling I take my father’s old super8 camera and use it as a kind of diary. I record all the impressions, people and places...Since one year now I additionally have an audio recorder with me, to record the sounds as well.  

I am very interested in foreign countries, I love to travel, coincidentally I spent some time in Poland in the last couple of years and started to do some art and film projects with people I met there. This way I learned a lot about this coutry and its history and inhabitants. It was also a good opportunity to meet artists from another country and there will be and still are a lot of (art) collaborations going on! Poland, a country I didn’t know too much about before. In a way I am hoping that this could happen in Armenia as well.

I don’t know too much about this country. When I found the information about the ACOSS I started to do some researches about Armenia. My plan would be to come to Armenia,  trying to get to know inhabitants from Armenia, trying to learn more about the everyday life, history, economy and political background. One idea that I am having - depending how this process will work -  I would start to do small film portraits about people I meet, places, situations,....What I also like about the idea to spend some time in Armenia is that I could fully concentrate on my work, and would not be distracted by the everyday hustle in Vienna. Also I am curious about the artists who are living in the art community, and possibly there will be some collaborations!




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