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About Us
Akos Cultural NGO

"Akos" Cultural NGO was founded in 2002, Yerevan, Armenia and now it is a leading model for similar institutions internationally. In 2006 it established ACOSS AIR (Artist-in-residence) program in Armenia. "Akos" is member of Res Artis Worldwide network of artist residencies.
The aim of the organization is to support the development of contemporary creativity and realizing projects by Armenian and international artists and theorists, to organizing exhibitions, conferences, discussions, researches, seminars and workshops concerning the local art, political and social situation on the background of nowadays worldwide movements.


ACOSS promotes and diffuses contemporary creativity in Armenia. A group of Armenian artists, art and cultural critics are involved in the organization where they have possibility to meet international artists and theorists and co-operate with them.

Since the end of 2006 ACOSS has started collaboration with a cultural company Cló which is located in the Irish Gaeltacht. Cló is an artist lead initiative providing a platform for creative exchange between artists worldwide and the Gaeltacht community. It fosters the emergence of artists in the Gaeltacht through providing access to professional development services.

Board Members

Vahagn Hamalbashyan - an artist

Mkrtich Tonoyan - a co-founder and the president of Akos, founder of the Artist residency program ACOSS

Hayk Navasardyan - a musician

Tatul Mkrtchyan - a co-founder of Akos

Meri Tonoyan - sociologist, specialist of Food Safety, coordinator of the ACOSS residency program

Nazeli Demirchyan - manager, new member of "Akos" 


International Advisory Board

Professor Rachelle Viader Knowles – visual artist, senior lecturer - Fine Art, Coventry School of Art and Design, University of Coventry, UK


Dr. Kenneth G. Hay – artist, chair of Contemporary Art Practice, Deputy Head of Art School of University of Leeds, UK

Professor Lydia Matthews - Dean of Academic Programs, Parsons The New School for Design, NYC, USA






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