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Visual artist (
Residency period: 25th August - 6th October 2011

I have not yet met anyone who has visited Armenia.  Most people I have asked cannot find Armenia on a globe.  As I contemplate a residency in Armenia I am acutely aware how energy intensive air is.  This poses a challenge to core expressions of my past work and personal ethics.  Is it possible to reconcile these contradictions?

I am a sculptor who shapes objects from other objects.  In French I would be called a “bricoluer”.  In Italian my methods might be described as “l’arte d’arrangiarsi”.  This translates roughly to the art of making something out of nothing, the art of getting by, of improvisation, of finding a way, of inventing something, of managing (somehow), of self-reliance.  Multi-media might accurately, though obscurely describe my work.

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Installing at the ACOSS residency space.
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This sculpture will address themes implicit in the Samkura Project created at Cló and its call for “research, development and dissemination of new art works . . . in a context of a thematic artistic exchange focusing on cultural and linguistic specificity.” The sculpture, as a response to the themes from Samkura, will be informed by my work and experiences during a recent AKOS artist residency in Armenia.  It is my intent to create work that is conversant with work I completed in Armenia and to exhibit separately the works created in both places.

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Installed in public space.

I am fascinated with Armenian culture and history especially the identity of Armenians as descendants of Biblical Noah: Ark Builder, Captain of Creation’s Lifeboat and Great Deluge Survivor.  This is a poignant narrative at this time of mass species extinction and global climatic change.   In Armenia I will create work for exhibit, performance or demonstration focused on the theme of “Business as Unusual”.  My interpretation may use interactive kinetic objects, installations, workshops, and/or images to invite and encourage individual viewer inter-action to create meaning, motion, movement, and change.







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