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Ioanna Tanasescu in ACOSS residency
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October 5-9, 2014

at 6pm-10pm 

Address: ACOSS project room, 8/4 Roubinyants, Zeytun,
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Peace love and respect to Armenian people

September 2014 is the first time I come to Armenia. Thanks to Mkrtich Tonoyan, his family and friends, I had the opportunity to work with beautiful materials: wood and tuff and create this exhibition. The sculptures I made during my stay in Yerevan are for and because of Armenian people. It is the first time I encounter such an amazing, kind, generous and creative civilization and I remain deeply touched by the beauty of this country and its people.





I have learned much in this short time, from what I have seen and heard and many of the things I learned, including the Armenian alphabet are thanks to their children. From an unclear Armenian heritage that I have, a very well shaped identity has been formed for me.


We are all beings of this world, no matter how we call ourselves.


I came here determined to work on War. On the concept of War that is. I knew some things but obviously not enough. Now I can say I understand the most parts of the picture.


People want to dominate people and the way they usually do it is by taking territory. For me it is like children playing for a piece of candy. It is silly and unfunded. But reality is much more cruel than my image of domination.


Violence is used in all ways possible, to control and submit people to other people and my work is about peace. I no longer find any use in creating brutal pieces to show how people really treat eachother, instead I choose to show a way of forgiveness and kindness towards all beings.


Ararat is a mountain. It belongs to the Earth and therefore to its people. Not to the Turks, not to the Armenians, it belongs to the world. Therefore I believe, and I am certain that I am not the only one, that borders are an oppressive means of domination. Access to Earth has to be permitted to Everyone. It is something I strongly believe in and I will always show this in any way I can.


The tuff portraits are dedicated to the beautiful Armenian women, mothers, daughters, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, sisters, wives. They are inspired by them and made for them. Women of Armenia are the pillar of this country, the heart and soul of this great family. The wooden pieces are dedicated to the men and the children of Armenia, who work so hard, suffered so much and still can laugh and smile about life.


Thank you, Armenia, for all the joy you brought into my life.

















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