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joshVisual Arts/Archi-sculpture


The Netherlands

Sept. 14 - Oct. 30, 2015

During my residence in Yerevan and Gyumri and surroundings I would like to do research of the spatial,

functional, social and cultural context. Based on that experience I want to make drawings, photographes and notes reflecting the Armenian history and nowadays society. It would be nice to show some of the results in a kind of exhibion place in order to meet fellow artists and (landscape) architects and those interested according to my profession as a sculptor, designer and researcher.

I have special interest in the built environment. So I also would like to respond to a significant building or public space in the city of Gyumri in the form of creating a glass archi-sculpture or installation as a sign to the community that this place is so to speak ʻtemporary protectedʼ and of iconographical value. During the process and when its finished I would like the site to be open for public.

The way I work can be of interst for students or young professionals to do a kind of internship by giving a hand.

So if some show interest I will be pleased.


Maybe I can somehow be part of or be connected with the biennale of Gyumri.

My painter friend Han Klinkhamer and I like to travel and work together in new settings. We have quite different backgrounds and divergent professional disciplines. Nevertheless we have a simular way of elementary approach and research of new environments. Our expressions (painting and drawing | sculpture and architecture) are in many ways different but congruent. And last but not least, we both like to drink now and then a glass of wine with the people who live there. We like to be part of the community during our research and reflective activities.








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