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Han Klinkhamer PDF Print E-mail

DavidVisual artist, Researcher

The Netherlands

Sept. 19 - Oct. 19, 2015



Han Klinkhamer, (Oss, 1950) attended the Folkwangschüle art academy in Essen (G.) and received a grant for the Academy of Art in Warsaw. He soon focussed his attention on the river landscapes in which he has been living and working since his studies. In this way he continues to contribute to the painting traditions of the Dutch landscape. His paintings are abstract and paste-like in character. His drawings, often very large in size, also have this same layered effect because of the carving into and peeling of the paper.

His work is presented internationally in, a.o., Amsterdam, Rotterdam,Cologne, Brussels, Stockholm and Shanghai, German House Gallery, New York, Erasmus House, Dutch Embassy, Jakarta.

In Han Klinkhamer’s work nature plays an important part. Although this relationship with the landscape of his living and working environment is especially noticeable in his smaller works, the larger paintings and the drawings on paper are more abstract in character. They are reflections of the soul of that which is observed, reflections of flowers, plants, branches and trees, leaves reflected on water surfaces. The thick layers of paint do not only show the actual tangible layers, but are also a symbol of the layers in life, in which all sorts of things may take place.

In Han Klinkhamer’s works the endless patterns of the seasons, the white crystals of Winter, the colours of Autumn, the wide views, the panoramas, the tracks and traces in the clay, water and sky, all come together.

It is often the landscape of the Maas River and its specific light and atmosphere which is brought to life in his paintings and drawings.






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