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ACOSS residency

ACOSS AIR program
ACOSS residency center in Aramus.operates
all the year round (12 months).

Location in Yerevan

Locations in the country

Program description

How to Apply

During the residency 

Fee procedure

The primary aim will be for the artists to work on an agreed project in Yerevan and in the country as well.

ACOSS residency program is a project workshop for the promotion of multy - disciplinary art and cultural international exchange in and out of Armenia. We call artists from all artistic disciplines to live, work, and collaborate during their preferred time of staying.  

Location in Yerevan

ACOSS organise residencies in Yerevan and in the country. Please, mark in the application form where would you like to have your residency stay? You can make final decision when you arrive Yerevan, too.

ACOSS is located in one of the districts of Yerevan called Djrvezh and has occupied 10,000 m/sq territory. Yerevan is the capital of Armenia. The region is not far from the city center (it takes 20 minutes by car). The territory is in a suitable place away from the city life and near to the countryside. The territory is enclosed with a large gate and includes two buildings; factory and comfortable living quarters. It gives a possibility to live and work in the same area. ACOSS takes care of the studio rent in Djrvej and utility expenses (gas, electricity, hot water, TV-set and internet).
The territory has all conveniences for land art. 

Main building living room

Rooms and studios

The living house has got 4 floors.

- There are two large studios on the first floor. Each of them is 12mX10m height-3,5 m  (120m/sq), with a big gate.
- There are four separate apartments on the 2nd and the 3rd floors (2 apartments on each floor

- Each apartment has 4 bedrooms (15m/sq each one), 2 bathrooms, 1 well living room with all

conveniences (TV, furniture, telephone, internet ) and 1 kitchen with gas, hot and cold water, refrigerator and etc.
- On the 4th floor there is a large multifunction studio 240 m/sq with a bathroom and barbeque place.

- There is also a computer room, restroom and an open balcony with view to the Biblical Mountain Ararat.
kitchen studio
The 2nd building is a factory (1152m/sq), there are plenty of multifunctional technical machines: 2 cars,

1 lorry, 3 ovens for ceramic works, computer studio (video editing, recording etc.) and a music studio

(arrangement, recording of live music, mixing, mastering etc. ) with technical support.

Residency “Djrvezh” is able to host 30 individuals at one time.

Owner and administrator of that territory is Armen Miqaelyan.

Location in the country

It can be a village near or far from Yerevan, depending on the concept of artist's project and what kind of landscape is preferred. It can be a settlement near any historical monument or just a location disconnected from urbanization; a rural area.
Living room 

Art Disciplines: Visual Arts, Curatorial, Art critical researches, Composing, Crafts, Dance, Fiction, Non Fiction, Theatre, Playwriting, Screenwriting, Film making, other. 

Program description

Through the Artist-in-Residence ACOSS supports international art activities bringing multicultural dimension to the region. The guest artists have opportunity to work in a peace space, separated from the everyday haste, set new contacts in the art field as well as to the local community. If artist's project is connected with Yerevan city, we can organize housing in the city. Interested artists have to discuss this matter with ACOSS artistic director beforehand.
The program consists of a residency up to one year and includes private and sharing studios, housing, and three meals per day by agreement. Private studios are available for artists 24 hours a day. We are sure that the friendships established among artists in residence often lead to collaborations and connections after residency period.
Financial aid is available.

On completion of the residency the artists will get a Diploma about participation in the ACOSS Artist-in-Residence program, Booklet or Catalog on Final Exhibition and will provide a detailed report that gives an account of project completion and of all the professional activities in which the artist has engaged while in Yerevan.

Please, note: 
ACOSS also has opportunity to provide artists with separate apartments in other districts of Yerevan and in the country.  

Decisions are made by our selection panel and are announced 20-30 days after getting the application. Collaborating artists must apply individually.

How to Apply

Applicants should present the following documents. 

1. Artists Statement: Please write (500 words, 12 pt font). Write about your creativity, your current thinking and what you’d like to accomplish during your residency time in ACOSS.

2. Brief Curriculum Vitae (no more than 2 pages)

3. Filled application form

NOTE: All materials should be in English or Armenian and named per the following indications: “name. application.doc”, “name CV.doc” , “name.statement.doc”

A DVD copy is expected to be submitted for preview purposes, accompanied by a printed application form. The DVD should be sent to ACOSS postal address.
Please, first contact us via e-mail.

Shipping of the preview copy or copies is paid by the applicant. No preview copies are returned. Please send us 1 SASE with postage for return of materials if you want your materials back.

During the residency

A week into the residency, the artist meets with the Artistic Director, Executive Director, Studio Manager, and/or EMC Manager for a Mid-term Technical Review. This informal check-in is a time to bring up any technical problems you may be experiencing in the residency, and to discuss the progress of your work. (Not applicable to 1-week residencies.)  

Fee procedure

No application fee.
We would love to invite all participants but we are a young non-profit organization and, unfortunately we do not have the budget which would allow us to cover artists’ expenses.
We are able to cover only utility expenses but heating in winters.
However, if participants can find resources to cover their expenses (travel, living, housing and medical insurance) through an institution in their country, we will be happy to provide any official letter required.

 We have no deadline, but all potential applicants of ACOSS AIR program have to apply at least one month before their preferable residency date.  

For more information on how to apply, please, contact us.
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Contact persons:

Mary Tonoyan - Coordinator, 
(Mob.) + 374 93 32 17 10

Mkrtich Tonoyan - Director,
(Land) + 374 10 24 42 13;
(Mob.) + 374 91 23 24 55;
(Fax) + 374 10 64 34 32

Web: www.acoss.org

Postal address:

8 Roubinyants, apt 17
0069 Yerevan, Armenia






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