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Hayk Navasardyan

Hayk NavasardyanHayk Navasardyan is a musician, musical director based in Yerevan.
Was born in 1976 in Yerevan.
Graduated from the Art Collage in 1991.
1993-1998 he was the musical director of “Center Show” project in the University of Economy, in Yerevan.
In 1995 he was in Germany, participating in the festival of Traditional Dances as a director of Armenian musical troupe.
In 1996 he was in Iran with the same musical troupe.
2000 – 2002 he was the co-president of the musical studio “ Urvakanner Records” which was founded by him and his brother Aram Navasardyan.
In 2006 he was the artistic director and the pianist of a concert and musical project “Yevs mi Hnchiune” composed by Davit Amalyan, Yerevan.
In 2009 he was in Dubai with a musical project.
Since 2002 he is the director of “H&A Records” musical studio, again founded with his brother.
 “H&A Records” is a permanent partner of "Akos" Cultural NGO. It also collaborates and cooperates with local and international musicians and art companies.
Currently Hayk Navasardyan is working on a musical, which is going to be an innovation in Armenian musical field.  

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Phone:  +374 91 45 33 54




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